Getting started by Levi Bostian

Getting started

Is it right for me? How do I start? What is it like?


All your questions answered by a full-time indie developer. 

  • Is being an indie developer the career for me? 
  • What does the day to day look like? 
  • What is your favorite and least favorite parts of your indie dev job? 
  • How do you get paid? 
  • How do I get started? 

What's included?


Become a full-time indie Android developer.

My name is Levi Bostian. I am a full-time indie Android & iOS developer from the Midwest, United States. 3 years ago I graduated college, moved into my Aunt and Uncle's basement, lived off my savings, and decided to go full-time indie. I took the leap (it wasn't easy) and now it's time for me to teach others what I have learned the hard way. 

You have found your tribe. It's time to take your Android developer experience to the next level.